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      The phase sequence prot
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      Phase protector
      Reverse phase protector
      Motor overload protecti
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You can bank wire transfers, money order, check or credit card payment or money through the mail.
A unit of billing the user"s payment shall be through a bank wire transfers, money orders, checks, etc. to import my unit account.
(2) the individual users and small payment users please use a credit card, or postal remittance.
Remittance is recommended:
(1) Agricultural Bank of Golden Harvest card deposit is fast, the deposits immediately arrive.
A small amount of shopping proposed post office electronic funds transfer, and 1000 yuan, the Post Office Electronic Remittance lower cost (costs 1 yuan per 100 yuan exchange earnings), the most stable and reliable money transfer, fax the remittance-linked and timely delivery.

Account Number:

Account    Username                  Bank            Account or card
Unit of account
   Cixi Fei Nade ELectric
   AppIiance Factory
    寧波慈溪農村合作銀行坎墩支行坎東分理處    201000071098772
Personal account
   萬金龍     中國農業銀行坎墩支行    622848  0310185  757211
Personal account
   萬金龍      中國郵政儲蓄銀行    6221  5033  2000  1473891
Personal account
   萬金龍      深圳發展銀行    6225  3800  2248  4986
Other    也可以用支付寶帳號擔寶支付    49834960@qq.com
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