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      Temperature controller
      To-phase protection
      Lack of protection
      The phase sequence prot
      Over-voltage protection
      Phase protector
      Reverse phase protector
      Motor overload protecti
      The motor thermal overl
      Three-phase voltage unb
      Three-phase current unb
      Three-phase power prote
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            About Us                                                                                  Current position: Home - Company Profile
Cixi Fei Nade Electric Appliance Factory
Founded in 1992, is located in Cixi City, north of the city, located in Hangzhou Bay, the east is from the Lishe International Airport 60 km, Beilun port 40 kilometers away from the railway freight station 5 km, 329 National Highway running through Cixi city, Shanghai, Hangzhou, connected to the Ningbo Expressway, transportation is very convenient. The company covers an area of 45,000 square meters, with total assets of 85 million yuan, more than 1,200 employees, R & D team of more than 60 people, 25 undergraduate and more than R & D staff, engineers and technical personnel 30 people, more than 50 of the testing team, led by industrial electrical set R & D, manufacturing, trade, services and other functions in one of science and technology enterprises, with a professional technical team and more than 10 years of development
experience in microcontroller development and embedded softwarespecializes in microcontroller technology in industrial control, powerelectronics,automotive electronics fields. Main products three-phase power protection, motorprotector, thermostat, explosion-proof switch explosion-proof control box, escalators sync rate tester, independent automotive air conditioning controller car fan stepless, boiler liquid instrument, supporting major elevator factory, power plant, automobile plant. Our products are mainly for domestic customers: Mitsubishi Group, Suzuki Group, China Shipping, Tianjin lifting, Guangxi Liuzhou Iron and Steel, General Electric, etc., are exported to Europe and Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries.
  2010 is the year of the company"s new development, has set up atechnology R & D center in Jiangsu, specializing in the development of low voltage electrical power distribution cabinets, thermostats and other projects, provide the impetus for the sustainable development of enterprises, the main features of the product is the leading, independent R & D can be customized for specific customer applications.
The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, some products through the EU CE certification, ROHS certification. Until the end of 2008, applied for 15 patents, including patents 6. With software copyright registration 2.
 The company advocates the enterprise spirit of "learning, innovation, harmony, and dedication" to fully implement the "leading technology, quality and efficiency, customer first, continuous improvement," the quality, adhere to the features of scientific and technological innovation, independent research and development, dedication to customer service.

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